Van Persie injury update: Partial ruptured ankle ligament

RVP’s convalescence time has been reduced to 4-6 weeks, less than the two months feared. He has a partial tear of the ankle ligament. A Dutch official said it was not a fracture but there was still significant ankle damage.
“It’s impossible to put an exact time frame on it because some players heal more quickly than others. It’s not a short-term injury.”
4-6 weeks is much better than 8-10 weeks or even out for the season. However it is still a hefty chunk of time and with Nicklas Bendtner missing for a month with groin surgery, Arsenal are missing their big guns. The undersized Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, will have to step up.
From the looks of it is a Grade 2 ankle sprain of the anterior talofibular (ATF) ligament which is the most frequently injured of the three ankle ligaments . A partial tear means some instability but far less than a Grade 3 which is a complete tear which would require casting or even surgical intervention.
Grade 2 can be managed by immobilizing the ankle with an air splint and reducing swelling and pain through NSAIDS and ice packs. Usually partial tears of the ATF heal in 4-6 weeks. RVP will have to use crutches for non-weight bearing (probably for a week) till he can resume pain free walking. Physical therapy will begin once that stage is achieved.

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