Beckham has won 3 world cups

American Talk Show host George Lopez has the following about Becks on his website..
George welcomed the most famous soccer player in the world, three-time World Cup winner David Beckham
Some footage of the interview below.George needs to do some serious talking to the crew that do the research on the guests he interviews.They have mixed Beckham up with Pele.It’s not exactly a small goof up because there isn’t even a passing resemblance between the two players and the last and only World Cup that England have ever won was in 1966.
Becks might have made it to that team but he hadn’t been born yet…!

One comment on “Beckham has won 3 world cups
  1. Let’s face it . The production crew probably doesn’t have a clue about soccer (football) but they did get his intro right in the fact that he is “the most famous player on the planet”.

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