Will the AFL sabotage Oz’s 2018/2022 World Cup chances?

”How much do you want this World Cup?” Demetriou was asking his constituents. ”Enough to miss an entire footy season?”
The AFL is feeling a bit vulnerable in Oz’s embrace of the World’s game.
The popularity of soccer in Australia shot through the roof because of its 2006 World Cup success. The sport has made huge inroads into Oz’s crowded sports market which already supports four codes.
Its a good question whether they can keep that going in a tough group (Germany, Ghana, and Serbia) which offers no easy matches. A passage into the next round and an easier opponent will keep the momentum going forward. Failure will give the AFL another stick with which to beat the FFA for going after the 2018/ 2022 World Cup.
Meanwhile, check out Nicole Kidman’s presentation that had England in a tizzy.

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