Update: A soccer ball that generates electricity

95% of the population in Africa live without any access to electricity or use polluting kerosene lamps. One of the most pressing needs in developing countries is to come up with cheap, clean sources of electricity that are readily available.
Four enterprising Harvard University graduates get together to come up with sOccket.
sOccket is an energy source in the form of a soccer ball that stores and generates ready to use electricity. Every time the ball gets kicked, dribbled or thrown, the energy of the impact is stored in the ball and it can then be used to power light sources or charge a cell phone. The best part is that it uses the energy of millions of children who love soccer. Talk about an activity that builds community and self sufficiency.
In fact, organizations which are trying to turn Somalian children towards soccer as a way of stopping the warlords from recruiting them as soldiers in their internecine conflicts might consider using sOccket as a way of making their cause even more feasible. Add building peace to sOccket’s attractive resume.
sOccket’s partners in this worthy cause are WhizzKids United, a SA based NGO whose mission is “to deliver effective HIV prevention, care, education, and support to youth worldwide trough the medium of football.”
The project is in the prototype stage with constant improvements made to the weight, feel, and movement of the ball. The team just finished a pilot program in the Durban area and are now exploring Nairobi.
More on sOccket >>
Update: Looks like Anish and I are suitably impressed by sOccket to post twice. Hope it gets all the publicity and investments needed to make it a success.

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  1. Cool. Soccer, merry go rounds, and even playground swings. Entertainment provide sources of energy at the same time.

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