Arsenal blogs react to Porto performance

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Ruben Micael demanding the ball before the dazed Arsenal defense comes to its senses
“There’s no two ways about it, it was one of the most calamitous, disastrous goalkeeping performances I have ever seen.”
The rest of the article is much more optimistic. And Fabianski gets some encouraging words. So the above quote should be kept in context.

A Cultured Left Foot:

“Hopefully, Fabianski will outgrow this phase and deliver on his promise, for he has the makings of an excellent goalkeeper.”
Kind words. We should counsel patience. But the only way he can fulfill his true potential is through regular appearances. His mistakes have proved costly. Does Wenger gamble and bring him on again? A possible loan move?
“It is true that goalkeeping in general this season hasn’t been great, but I really think our lack of a top class one has cost us this season, which is a great shame.”
A bit darker but in keeping with the realization that once again we have been found wanting. An emotion that most Arsenal fans share.
” Arsene Wenger’s protestations rang a little hollow for all who remember Thierry Henry exploiting quickly taken free-kicks to our advantage, although it is fair to say I don’t recall any referees actually body-checking defenders to ensure we took full advantage of the ploy.”
A bit of history when Arsenal had some opportunists in their midst. But the rest of the post implicates Fabianski and the collective daze of the Arsenal players.
” On the precipice of first-team pre-eminence, he stumbled and fell. It is now a long way back. At many other clubs, he wouldn’t be forgiven. Ben Foster has made less high profile mistakes at United and finds himself third in the pecking order and close to the exit door.”
Fabianski might be technically as proficient but decisiveness and presence of mind are equally important. In a far less forgiving environment he may have already been escorted out.
As you can see the blog reactions are mixed but Fabianski is getting support from his captain.
Fabregas offering encouragement to the beleaguered no 2 goalkeeper.
“He is strong and we have to be there for him,” said Fabregas after the game.
“We haven’t seen him because he is doing doping [tests] but we have to be next to him. Sometimes when you are young in a big game, these things happen to you. You can be a little bit down but the team will be 100 per cent behind him and help him in the next game to come back to his best.
“He is a very good keeper. He had his chance today and sometimes it doesn’t go your way. It didn’t go his way but we will stand up and support him until the end because he is a good character and I am sure he will be back.
“Whenever he has to play, I am sure he will do well.”

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