Arshavin states the obvious

Arshavin is a winger who incidentally happens to score goals. To call him a centerforward is a travesty. And he knows it.
The Arsenal attack demonstrated poor football IQ against Man Utd lobbying long balls Arshavin’s direction in a futile endeavour only to see them gobbled up by the taller Carrick, Evans, and Wes Brown. It was one of the more painful sights to behold in that exceedingly painful match.
In context, it also makes clear why Arshavin seems to be under pressure to try and score on his own. If he was part of a 4-3-3, then handing off to Nasri and Fabregas in better scoring positions might have been natural. He seems to be at his scoring best in this formation.
Arsenal’s attack is so left – center loaded with Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, and Fabregas operating this route. There is nothing meaningful down the right. Coupled with an undersized makeshift centerforward, and you virtually telegraph the attack. It makes Wenger’s lassitude in the recently concluded transfer period harder to fathom. Hearing a plaer, even one as free spirited and versatile such as Arshavin second guess his manager must be galling. But it is true. Every word of it.

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