Ashley Cole: A segue into extra marital “tapping”

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Cheryl Cole makes an attractive looking victim
Contrast the difference with how Chelsea is handling Ashley Cole’s misdemeanours and that of John Terry.
With Terry, the fans came through, magnificently full throated in their appreciation for the Blues skipper. Partly due to their reaction, the club closed ranks offering the defender unqualified support. It was left to Fabio Capello to mete out punishment and he did so stripping Terry of England’s captaincy. A purely symbolic gesture.
Ancelotti gave Terry compassionate leave to patch up differences with his wife. Which he took full advantage of leaving to meet up Toni Terry in Dubai during the FA Cup fixture against Cardiff. Considering the caddish aspect of Terry’s infraction: sleeping with his team mate’s ex- girlfriend and it seems to have worked out quite well for him. The only signs of dissidence are at opposition venues where the crowd’s barracking are built around him committing a defensive mistake more than anything else.
Cole’s is a different story. The club has come down harshly on the ex- Arsenal left back. He was summoned by Ron Gourlay, the club’s CEO and given a dressing down. Amongst the punishment options, a hefty fine and getting transfer listed. Adding insult to his injury. The club feels that these incidents off the field have become too distracting at this delicate stage during the push to the Premiership and that all elusive CL title. But there are maybe other factors.
Cole’s underhand way of doing things seems to have caught up with him.
These episodes of extra marital “tapping” and then lying about it seems to be a perfect segue for the way he got into Chelsea. This time he got caught and has reacted badly. Very badly.
At that time the independent commission found Cole guilty of approaching Chelsea without the prior consent of his present club, that being Arsenal. Although he was censured, no real penalties were involved. Jose Mourinho, his co-conspirator was also found guilty. In a twist, the Special One comes calling at Stamford Bridge with Inter’s CL fixture and may find his protege in the foulest of moods.
These sleight of hand circumstances brought him to Stamford Bridge earning him the universal sobriquet of Cashley Cole. As a player he has flowered at Chelsea, arguably now the best left back in the world but his shifty and gold digging personality created a wait and watch quality amongst club supporters.
One wonders what would have happened if it was Cole’s misdemeanours that came to light ahead of Terry’s. Would the club have gone easy? In Terry’s case there was a fall back. Stripping him of captaincy but still giving him a berth in the England squad. In Cole’s case, there is not even that recourse to symbolic reproach. However, this is for certain, in Terry’s case the primordial quality of fan support made a difference. He is closer to Chelsea’s heart than Cole.

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  1. ashely must try to apologise to everybody and seek help.tell the truth to cheryl irrespective of whatever happens to their marriage at least she deserves that.i love them

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