Craig Gardner talks from both sides of his mouth

Via The Independent:
From a ‘Birmingham Mail’ interview with Craig Gardner, then of Aston Villa, in 2007: “I’m a Villa fan. I’ve come through the ranks and nothing can be better. I used to go on the Holte End. When I was watching Villa as a kid there were people like Garry Parker, Dalian Atkinson and Paul McGrath. I used to sing their names and now I look at the crowd and they’re chanting my name, so it’s great.”
From a ‘Birmingham Mail’ interview with Craig Gardner, now of Birmingham City: “Having played for them, everyone thinks I’m a Villa fan, but I’m a Bluenose. I have been all my life. I was a mascot at John Frain’s testimonial. But I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. People who know me, my friends and family, all know I’m a Blues fan. As they say, ‘Once a Blue, Always a Blue’.”
Its called brown nosing, Craig.

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