Will Juventus get Rafa?

From the Independent (via Goal.com):
The broadsheet claims that the Turin side’s president Jean-Claude Blanc is keen to reach an agreement and has: “…already fixed everything with [Rafael] Benitez and has in his drawer a detailed agreement of his terms and length of contract.”
Note the contradiction. “Is keen to reach an agreement” is different from “already fixed everything with Benitez“. The first one is a wish, the second one a done and dusted statement. Which is it? Does Rafa keep a copy of that agreement in his drawer?
Lets face it – who takes his spot? Ciro Ferrara? This is not facetious. There is a dearth of quality managers. Rafa has already signed a five year contract with Liverpool last year and to all purposes has shot down the Juve move.
I think the larger question is does Rafa get the funds for player transfers at Liverpool? The club is negotiating with outside investors to raise £100m to pay down the debt. If that happens, then RBS will issue a long term loan which could see the club steady its precarious financial situation. It might mean more funds secured towards players that the club will need next season.
However as this article shows, there is a feeling amongst most supporters that it might not be the debt that is the sticking point but the ownership itself. As long as Messrs Tom Hicks and George Gillett remain the owners, the chances of RBS acceding to new terms are slim. If that is the case, then the transfer money is predicated on whether the club changes hands because the owners have stopped putting any meaningful amounts of money themselves. I think if that does happen, then Rafa will get his wish list. At this stage a month ago, Liverpool were given up for dead but they have fought back to striking distance of a CL spot and the Rafa bashing has largely stopped. .

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