ESPN top 50 World Cup players

A list of ESPN’s top choice 50 players at the World Cup and descriptions of their strength’s and weaknesses here..
Messi is in pole position and C Ron comes in second.Landon Donovan is ploughing a lonely furrow at the 50th place.An objection to Ballack figuring on the list at number 30 has been duly registered.
world 50.png

6 comments on “ESPN top 50 World Cup players
  1. Yep! He has been nothing much except for a goon. Can’t see what he brings to Chelsea. Even his utility on set pieces is questionable.

  2. Donovan??? really?? I know ESPN is a US company but common’ he is not even in the TOP 100. Well at least you didn’t list him in the TOP 10.. lol.
    I think he is a good player and that he has done a lot for the US national team, but he doesn’t belong in this list.

  3. Yeah this list is a joke. Lampard 22nd? Gerrard 9th? Come on. Not sure if ESPN has even watched the EPL but Gerrard has nothing on Lamps this season.

  4. ESPN’s entry into world football is just six months old. They covered every other sport prior to that and some MLS. So I wouldn’t pay too much attention to their top fifty players list. Their primary aim is to make money and they have hosts like Jim Rome who openly deride the sport. Now they want to introduce NFL style coverage of the Premiership.

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