FIFA decides that technology is inhuman…

…or subhuman perhaps.
The 124th Annual General Meeting of the International Football Association Board,chaired by FIFA as is traditional in a FIFA World Cup™ year, was marked by the major decision to no longer pursue the development of goal-line technology.
FIFA Secretary General, Jerome Valcke said “The IFAB has decided not to pursue goal-line technology and to no longer continue experiments in that area,The question posed to the members of the IFAB was simple: should we introduce technology in football or not? The answer from the majority of members was no, even if was not unanimous.”
“The human aspect of football is essential to this sport,” said Jonathan Ford of the Football Association of Wales. “The big moments in this sport – whatever they are – get supporters talking and go down in history. That’s what makes this sport so vibrant.”
So there you have it folks.The stone age continues…..and by implication sports that allow video referrals are played by robots not humans,their supporters refuse to talk to one another and they are incredibly dull.

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