RIP: Endurance Idahor

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Nigerian player Endurance Idahor of Sudanese club El Merriekh playing against Al Amal collapsed after a tackle from one of his club players left him on his back.
Attempts to revive him on the pitch failed and he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance but is said to have died on the way. He was just 25. Early reports indicate a possibility of a heart attack as two days before the match the player was complaining of chest pain.
Idahor played for Nigerian club Dolphins before El Merriekh signed him on and he left for the Sudanese league in 2006. He was loaned out to UAE outfit El Nasser for one season. After his return he became one of El Merriekh’s leading goalscorers with 67 goals scored guiding them to their first CAF Confederation Cup final since 1989.
El Merriekh released a brief statement describing the player as “an example of a professional and committed individual and a symbol of loyalty” and added, “We will assure that justice takes place”.
There could be a bit of a controversy as to where Idahor is buried. His widow appears open to the idea of him being buried in his adopted country.
When asked by journalists if she wouldn’t mind burying her husband in his adopted country, she answered “I don’t mind. Idahor loved Sudan and the Sudanese loved him,” but added that she would like to consult the late player’s family in Nigeria first before taking the final decision.
Another tragic death of a young player. One remembers Antonio Puerta, Dani Jarque, Mark Vivien Foe, Miklos Feher, Phil O’Donnell, and Antonio De Nigris in recent years. All from a undetected heart condition.

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