Ronaldo cancels appearance as Fiorentino Perez mourns

Fiorentino Perez’s silence after the Lyon defeat has been remarkable. Quite a turnaround from the eve of his bombast “Real has the DNA to Europe.”
However, what is heartening is that fans and club supporters have largely stopped scapegoating Manuel Pellegrini. Instead in poll after poll they have turned their ire on Real’s chairman. Somewhere Ramon Calderon, the bitter rival to Perez is wearing a smirk. Even Sir Alex, might be enjoying an aperitif.
Perez was supposed to have been in attendance for a beverage presentation by Cristiano Ronaldo for a sports drink company at the Bernabeu that was abruptly canceled at the last moment. Family reasons were cited.
Looks like Perez has slunk of underground to lick his wounds.

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