The Serie comes out against FIFA’s goal line technology dismissal

Sepp Blatter and the FIFA Luddites have gotten their first serious challenge.
The FIGC chairman Giancarlo Abete came out against FIFA’s decision to do away with goal line technology in the name of keeping it “human.”
“That doesn’t take away that experimenting can be possible. If we don’t test, there is a mistake in the method.”
The real agenda appears to be FIFA’s controlling nature, to keep clubs and countries bickering with one another and slapping them with fines and suspensions. It’s quite medieval.
The decision came on the day when the FA suspended goal line technology and the referees failed to spot Liam Ridgewell’s clear goal. Talk about immediate proof.
More voices like Abete need to be heard. There has been a lot of teeth gnashing from pundits but the silence from national federations and leagues has been deafening.

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