Video: Wenger’s press conference

Wenger talking about how much he admired a great technical tackle as much as a good offensive creative pass in this clip from his conference.
He was thoughtful, factual, and yet forceful. Predictably the press went after the Gallas tackle in the Bolton game. Wenger put them in their place reminding them that Mark Davies was out of the game for less than 10 days and not the 4-5 weeks that they claimed.
The most gripping part was his emotional response when asked if he was looking for more protection for his players.
” I look for nothing. You cannot say, listen, you cannot say you have a 19 year old boy who has a double broken leg like it happened to us Sunday and say that everything is alright. Do you accept that? I cannot.”
Hard to refute. It was pushback against the overwhelming Shawcross is a nice lad and bears no malice punditry.
The BBC link to the larger segment >>
In some good news, Aaron Ramsey also made his first statement after his surgery vowing to return “fitter and stronger.” He thanked Glenn Whelan, the Stoke player who comforted him after his injury. Ryan Shawcross was not mentioned.
His injury is not considered career ending but as in Eduardo and Diaby’s case there are lingering effects that can force protracted injury time off. So there are stumbling blocks on the way to a full return to the pitch.

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