Arshavin’s Barca dream is nothing new

Looks like a few high profile players are being pulled up by their managers.
Carlos Tevez was given a talking to by Roberto Mancini over the issue of training methods. A case of a player being too big for his boots.
Wenger admonishing the outspoken Arshavin to stop dreaming about Barca.
“He looks to be very happy here, so you should ask him where it comes from. We do not, of course, accept that. When you are at Arsenal, you are at Arsenal. When you are somewhere else, you are somewhere else. I believe that your pride makes first that you defend your club.”
Here is the rub. Wenger then gives Arshavin an out by saying that he takes all this with a pinch of salt.
“I take with a little bit of distance what comes back translated sometimes with the help of some agents who want to move the players,” he said.
Cue Arshavin who agrees with the manager:
“If I talk to the English press, there is no problem, but when I say something in Russia, some special news agency takes it, translates it and sells these quotes.”
“During the process of interpretation they translate my words as they see fit.”
The only rub. Arshavin was re-iterating an old dream. He was always interested in moving to Barca. In fact, after the Euro 2008, the Spanish club had approached Zenit St Petersburg with an offer.
“My dream is Barça,” Arshavin said. “But to say that isn’t new. The whole world knows that I have dreamed forever about going to Barça. Messi, Arshavin, Henry? Messi is very, very good and to play with him must be a marvel, and the same goes for Henry. What more can I say? I would love it.”
The Barca offer did not work out. But Arshavin or maybe his agent had talked up Arsenal’s reputation as kingmakers. A bit of down time with an injury, on the eve of the huge CL semi-final between Inter and Barca, and an old dream comes forth. Good company and a nice bottle has the same effect. Loosens those lips.
Loyalty is over rated in the modern game. And Arshavin at least has had the honesty to admit that he has never ‘kissed the badge’ of any club. The problem for Arshavin however has been that he has been nowhere near as good for a move to Barca. The Leo Messi vs Andriy Arshavin showdown was all one sided. On a more pragmatic level, if his Barca dream has to materialize, then it would be in his interest to play his very best for Arsenal. But he is no spring chicken. This may very well be his last stop. Reality check.

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