Fabianski will stay to prove Wenger right

Lukasz Fabianski blue steel.jpgzoolander1.jpg
The Big Fabianski practicing Blue Steel on the ball: “Look, Mums- no hands”
Pepe Reina is the latest goalkeeper to be linked with Arsenal.
Reina is one of the few genuine assets Liverpool cannot afford to get rid off. And that to a Premiership rival. Not going to happen.
Rene Adler of Bayer Leverkusen and Hugo Lloris of Lyon are also being mentioned as possible Arsenal targets. At this point, any of them will be an improvement, especially Lloris.
But here is the caveat. I believe Le Professeur from his recent statements is determined to make a success of Lukasz Fabianski.
Wenger is firmly of the belief that Fabianski will be “one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world.” Hyperbole you might say. But Wenger goes onto state the causes behind Fabianski’s erosion in self confidence:
“Mental consequences, because he is a conscientious guy, very intelligent but, as well, sensitive.”
Three things we do not need in a goalkeeper. A conscience, intelligence, and sensitivity. We need hands of steel, brute reflexes, and a look that sends tremors down the legs of opponents. A Darth Vader.
But if we can get past all of that:
“He is a top-class goalkeeper. I repeat that many times and you will see that one day, I am right.”
These pronouncements make me believe that Wenger is not in the market for a new goalkeeper.
Instead, Fabianski will become Wenger’s special off season project after finishing against Blackburn and Fulham. Videotapes of snarly, mean spirited goalkeepers like Harald Schumacher will be played back while Fabianski works on hand strength, muscle tone, and the Blue Steel. He will be back in the line up next season and hopefully start proving Wenger’s Oracle of Delphi like predictions.

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