More injury woes for Arsenal

Thomas Vermaelen is out for the next 2-3 weeks with a calf injury. He is now the fifth starter out in this most crucial part of the season.
Which means Mikel Silvestre will partner Sol Campbell and we know where that goes.
On Campbell, Wenger had this to say:
“I think he was outstanding and he has shown what a winner he is and if he won championships, you see why.
“He deserves a lot of credit tonight because he turned up with a real performance.”
Men from the boys. Arsenal has always had a problem looking at the bigger picture which comes with experience. They have wilted in big games. Made too many errors. Look at Barca with Carlos Puyol. He is slow, he is old but you can see what he brings to his team. Experience and leadership. I saw Arsenal when it had Vieira and Petit, Adams and Keown. Players who were good at what they did and knew big games when they saw one.
To expect a bunch of talented 21 year olds with a tabula rasa mentality to find you a title is living in la la land. Based on his performance, Campbell deserves a longer and more rewarding contract.

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