Raymond Domenech’s continuation is “outrageous and irresponsible”

Joining Karl Henry in the moaning after is Raymond Domenech, a man whose squad selection is determined on arbitrary factors like astrological signs. He also relies on sleight of hand for France to qualify for the World Cup.
As France’s national coach, Domenech was incensed by Wenger’s decision to play William Gallas so soon after his injury and called it “outrageous and irresponsible”. Gallas re-aggravated his calf injury against Barca and maybe out for 5 weeks. He might just be ready in time for the World Cup.
Can we do with a little less hyperbole?
Wenger makes a good point. Gallas personally declared himself fit and the medical staff also cleared him- so for all practical purposes it was believed that he was ready to play.
Watching the Barca blitzkreig one also saw players stretched to their limits to provide defensive cover. The match led to a number players suffering some form of injury. Gallas is already out, so is Fabregas and Arshavin. But even Clichy had to miss the Wolves match.
A nice sedate stroll in the park without Gallas’s re-injuring himself would have delayed the inevitable longer layoff. Domenech should actually be thankful that the Barca match brought Gallas to the end of his season. He gets longer to recuperate as the Arsenal staff get him ready for World Cup duty.
However, just maybe and with Domenech anything is possible, he is already preparing grounds for France’s failure in the World Cup. After losing to Spain, Domenech dismissive, “There’s nothing to worry about” should tell you volumes about the bubble he lives in.
The clincher is that Gallas gets paid by the club. Wenger is well within his rights to play him as he sees fit.

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