Roy Hodgson to Liverpool. Why not?

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A contemplative coach. A hand on the chin is better than a scribbling hand pad.
Rafa will he won’t he? If Juve come knocking and make an offer that the Spaniard cannot refuse, there is no reason for Liverpool to despair. They might not have to look too far.
Roy Hodgson has shown that he is more than ready to move to the next level. He took Fulham to the final of a Europa Cup on the day Liverpool lay beaten in that very same endeavour. With a squad half in talent and wages. Sir Alex is spot on by saying Hodgson deserves the coach of the year.
Hodgson has proven more adept at managing his transfer fees with careful choices. Something that Rafa has not proven especially good at. And with Rafa demanding five new players of a debt ridden club, frugality might be the wisest choice.
Albert Riera might have been a bit too honest for saying what a lot of players have been saying about Rafa. However, Hodgson has shown to be a coach for the players. Will the international brigade that came with Rafa have less incentive to stay? Maybe. But players like Fernando Torres and Alberto Aquilani will react positively to a Hodgson, a coach who cultivates the personal aspect equally assiduously.
It has been a virtual shutout for English coaches from the days of Roy Evans at Liverpool, landing a Premiership big four job. Hodgson stands the best chance of breaking that barrier. He deserves a look.

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