Video: 4 red cards, 4 penalties and Braga close on a CL spot

Vitoria GuimarĂ£es will feel unjustly done by this loss. Check out the foul which led to Braga’s second penalty which Meyong converts to give them the lead. Renteria, the Braga striker is fouled by Valdomiro 10 yards from the box but there is no whistle and so play continues till he is well into the box and when he misses the goal, a penalty is called.
The winning penalty was similar in that Renteria makes incidental contact with Andrezinho, manages to stay on his feet and goes around the GuimarĂ£es player but then loses his footing and goes to ground. There is no contact or foul. Again a penalty is called. Meyong wins it for Braga on the stroke.
Awful refereeing. I hope he is suspended. As for Braga, they close to within three points of Benfica and might have just bagged a surprise second CL spot.

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