Video: Jozy Altidore a butthead, Hutton a diva

Not quite the headbutt that rocked the world. But the Hull City vs Sunderland highlights included this exchange between Jozy Altidore and Alan Hutton.
Hutton got off the worst but Altidore will miss the rest of the season and a possible rethink on his mental composure. Then he uses the dreaded Twitter, which has gotten him into trouble before.
“I’m so sorry about yesterday,” Altidore said on Twitter Sunday morning. “Made a stupid, immature and costly mistake. I apologize to Hull City and the fans who I let down. I let my emotions get the best of me and lost my composure. Believe it or not this year playing for Hull was to date the best trip I’ve ever been on.”
His appearance may not make a difference to Hull’s fortunes as they are set for relegation but a season ending on a personal high note would have been infinitely better. And he does not have Iain Dowie’s support.
“Jozy reacted stupidly. I’m not going to defend my player,” said Hull’s caretaker manager Iain Dowie. “He’ll be disciplined because of it. It’s not acceptable. In a big, big game, he’s let his teammates down.”
According to Steve Bruce: “Hutton’s got a cut eye, a smashed nose and a chipped tooth so he’s close to having really serious facial injuries. That for me doesn’t warrant the same punishment but the letter of the law is if you throw the ball I do believe it’s a red card.”
Not defending Altidore’s actions but Hutton had it coming. He’ll think next time before chucking the ball at an opponent. By the way, he really went down easy! If you want to dish it out, be prepared to take it too.

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