Video: Mourinho must be rolling tape of Espanyol against Barca

Given the fact that Espanyo fans celebrated as if it was a victory, the 2-0 imprint on the video feels less fictional.
One of the most anticipated Champions League matches in years gets underway this week. If there is one person who can stop Barca’s juggernaut it should be Jose Mourinho.
However, Guardiola’s derby rival Mauricio Pochettino at Espanyol can actually claim that distinction.
Sid Lowe’s article describes Espanyol’s ambush of Barcelona in their shiny new home, the Cornella-Prat:
“They fought and battled and pushed and ambushed and broke; they were aggressive, mouthy, sneaky and extremely hard-working – every player covering at least 1.5km more than his normal average.”
The result was a derby draw that must have warmed the heart of the Madridistas and given Mourinho the belief that Barca can be contained.

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