Video: Roberto Rossetti gets it right

It can’t get clearer than this. Ribery’s horrendously premeditated foul as he plants his studs right on top of Lisandro Lopez ankle. Kudos to Roberto Rossetti as he shows courage in taking out the red card. Anything less than that would have been justice denied.
Not quite sure what Bayern is still complaining about.

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2 comments on “Video: Roberto Rossetti gets it right
  1. Bayern Munich is complaining about the 3-match-ban which is definitely too much!!!
    If that was a clear red card than Raphael for example in the quater final should not have gotten double yellow, but directly red for his first attack.
    Ribery’s foul was just badluck. He wants to hit the ball, but comes a tenth of a second late. Since it was a very harsh foul, red is definately OK, but saying he did it on purpose is just ridiculous. A one match ban would be enough. Even the committee today said it was not clear whether Ribery did it on purpose, however they didn’t change the penalty.
    I think UEFA is just a bunch of corrupted guys that have never ever played football in their lives.

  2. Peter, that foul by Ribery could have potentially caused a serious injury to Lisandro Lopez. So yes, a red was deserved. However, whether it warranted a three match ban could be open to debate. I think missing the semi-finals was enough. And the UEFA are a bunch of corrupt guys nevertheless!

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