Wayne Rooney could find himself ready for Bayern

Indications are that there are feverish preparations afoot to get Wayne Rooney out on the pitch in time for visiting Bayern. Against Chelsea, the Man Utd squad without Rooney lacked any serious goal threat. The 17th April estimated arrival has been pushed forward.
Another rushed injury recovery and Fabio Capello could have a war of words with Sir Alex. With every passing day, the window of time to recuperate between now and the World Cup becomes smaller and tensions rise.
In other news. Rooney’s injury is being used by Gordon Brown as analogy for England’s economic recovery. Labour’s election agenda include giving back control of the clubs to their supporters and in Rooney’s case use their concern about a national hero’s condition as another way of reconnecting with voters.

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  1. i am rooney’s fan and i like to watch his playing football tv,and now i want to know some infomation about him.i do not know what have happend to him

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