Can Maradona prove the Octopus wrong ?

So far Maradona hasn’t done a bad job of making his critics feel that he didn’t exactly live down to their expectations.
His latest critic however is not human being but Paul the Octopus.
Paul has correctly predicted the winner of four games that Germany has played so far – namely Germany in each case.
He has gone with his usual choice for the game against Argentina.
So now Maradona,apart from having to worry about technically inadequate referrees,also has to worry about a clairvoyant smart aleck octopus….!

One comment on “Can Maradona prove the Octopus wrong ?
  1. I am absolutely delighted for Maradona. He was a great player for a time, then had a lot personal problems but seems to have really found himself in his role as the coach of Argentina. It is obvious to see how much the players respect and admire him and his tactics of team bonding have worked so far. I found these great video of freestyle footballers that must have been inspired by the skill and flare El Diego showed at the peak of his career. Check them out at

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