Don’t Cruyff for me Argentina

On the eve of the historical Spain Holland World Cup Final,Robin van Persie votes for Diego Maradona over Johan Cruyff as being his source of inspiration.
As soon as I saw the video when I was a boy of Maradona lifting the trophy and crying I was hooked,” Van Persie said. “I can’t tell you how many times I have watched that clip. I have always wanted to play in a final, since I was a kid. It means more than anything. Of course I have watched the two Dutch finals, too. I know our history in this competition.I have a really big picture of Maradona on the wall at home in my games room. It is an unbelievable picture of him holding the World Cup. He is on his team-mates’ shoulders and he is holding it with passion. If we win I want that picture with me holding the World Cup and hopefully scoring in the World Cup final.”


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