Dunga dismisses Cruyff’s criticism

Johan Cruyff:
“I would never pay for a ticket to watch the matches of this Brazilian team. Where has the Brazil team we all know disappeared to in this World Cup?”
Where have you been, Johan? Dunga has been the coach for the last four years and this is no big secret.

Dunga responds:

My grandfather said in his day football was excellent.”
‘My father said that, I say that and I am sure my son and my grandson are going to say exactly the same, that in their day the football was very good, that the players could dribble magnificently, they could head magnificently.
‘We know world-class players are always outstanding at any time.’

Dunga in essence told the Dutch legend that he really did not have to watch them.
What Brazil desires is one more World Cup title and nothing short of that is going to satisfy the CBF and the team’s fans. The more discerning may quibble but returning home empty handed is not an option- ask Carlos Alberto Parreira and Tele Santana.

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