Dunga on Felipe Melo

” As the manager, I think the blame belongs to us all. I take most of the blame and now would be unfair to speak of Felipe Melo. It is not the first time a player is sent off. When we win, everyone wins. When we lose, everyone loses. With one less is it is more difficult. I tried to put a player with more speed (Nilmar) to join with Kaka and Robinho. Sometimes you trade a player with five, ten minutes, just so that takes the player into the game.”

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6 comments on “Dunga on Felipe Melo
  1. You should of put RONALDINHO on. felipe Melo is shittttt. RONALDINHO should be on and felipe Melo on the BENCH

  2. Dunga sucks at coaching
    Dunga and Felipe Melo should be cut out of the brazilian team
    Bring Ronaldinho back! let’s play the JOGA BONITO!

  3. wonderful wonderful comments from Dunga
    as much as i am upset from the defeat
    but this shows a big character and a real leadership with Dunga.
    i am upset as i wanted brazi to move to a more tactical game. this is how they won copa america 2007.
    i think brazil lost the game mentally, more than technically. i still think dunga didn’t do the right substitutes during the crisis time. but this is football.
    Dunga comments are like Lippie ones, shows a great leadership.
    the opposite side is capello and the worst of course is domenech. shows a low class finger pointing, and not willingness to take responsibility.
    i think today’s game, is more of a coach than players. we used to say the keeper is half of the team. i think we should say now the coach is half of the team.
    having messi, ronaldinho, rooney comes secondary, it is the coach wisdom on how to take advantage of them or contain them (if they are in the opposite side)

  4. N.Waleed, I agree- Dunga did not shirk his responsibility. At that earth shattering moment (every time Brazil loses – it is earth shattering), he kept remarkable composure. Dunga if he stays on has to rethink his strategy- he seems to put a premium on physicality and work rate.

  5. It’s clear that Brasil’s loss was because of sub-par coaching. In 60 matches Brasil was the only team to lose after leading at half. The team seemed to have lost it direction at the half – they came out as if the Dutch were going to lay down. Sure Melo was terrible but who selected him to play in the first place – Dunga!
    It’s sad to see inferior teams playing for the world cup!

  6. Hey, a word of advice please; dont be abusive man; take it easy n cool down; insulting the coach will do u more harm. I also wanted Brazil vs Ghana 4 final but it was not to be. In order to keep fit yourself as we wait for 2014; try to be holy and at peace with all men; u will live longer. I love BRAZIL no matter what; they r my lifetime team. I have cerebrated their success n now that they r out; i say there is always a next time. Remember to keep it cool. Cheers!!!!!!!!

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