Eduardo moves to Shakhtar Donetsk

One of Eduardo’s best goals. What a perfect turn of the foot. This was scored after his return.
Eduardo’s career at Arsenal was taking off when that horrible tackle by Martin Taylor shattered his ankle and sidelined him for a year and a half.
Sadly, he was not the same player and the injury seems to have taken a psychic and physical toll. Gone was the quick thinking, fleet footed fox in the box replaced by a more tentative and unsure version.
He is leaving for Shakhtar Donetsk on a £6 million transfer. He made 67 Arsenal appearances, scoring 20 times.
His best goal in my opinion was the one against Everton when he spins Phil Jagielka around and places the ball perfectly past Tim Howard. Brilliant bit of skill, almost Bergkamp like. A month later and it was hell in a handbasket for the Croazilian. Here is the goal>>
Fare thee well, Dudu. You will be missed.

2 comments on “Eduardo moves to Shakhtar Donetsk
  1. I think Eduardo is great too. But on the goal v Everton, it looks like he trapped the ball with his right hand, eh?

  2. Kev, I think you maybe right – but with Suarez, Thierry Henry, and Maradona setting the bar so high, it could pass.

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