Hala Barca, Visca Madrid: Spain’s credo is good football

Vicente Del Bosque
Spain’s success is due to the myriad talent they have but what is so different about this team from other Spanish teams?
The narrow, parochial allegiances have been put aside. Egos eschewed. Under Vicente Del Bosque’s serene leadership, the Furia are a team that has no galaxies, no dissenters.
Above all they cohabit, in good times and bad. Paul Hayward described Del Bosque as “a police inspector weighed down by a particularly complex homicide” which maybe true because previous Spanish teams have all met untimely demises. However, the former Real Madrid manager’s lugubrious demeanour has the effect of calming Spain, on the brink of its biggest moment in football history.
Barcelona had seven players on the field against Germany – a source of pride for the club, a bonanza for Spain. But there is no mystery that the technical director of the team, Fernando Hierro is a Madridista to the bone and Vicente Del Bosque cut his teeth in the Real Madrid coaching ranks.
The two fierce rivals have buried their differences. So have players from the other clubs that comprise the team- Athletic, Atletico, Espanyol, Valencia, Sevilla. The team’s identity is openness.
” The banner is good football, a certain style, formed in favour of a common cause, without use of birth certificates.”

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