Halftime: Spain 0 Germany 0

A very cautious first half. Spain enjoying a big edge in possession without looking very threatening. Not very surprising. The end product has been lacking.
Germany on the occasion that they have had the ball look a bit more enterprising but for all their firepower it was Piotr Trochowski who had their first genuine chance.
A battle of attrition. The longer it goes scoreless, it plays to Spain’s strength because their passing game will wear the German defense down. A clever pass and Villa could be at the right place at the right time. Or Del Bosque could put Torres on for the final throw of the dice.
Lets hope the second half brings better endeavour from both teams.
The Germans have been used to having quick counterattacks work for them but the Spanish have maintained their defensive discipline. Very few silly fouls and bad tackles. This so far has been an easy match to officiate.
As they say something has got to give. One more note, Xavi is a top drawer midfielder but a counterattacking threat he is not – Spain had two occasions where they could have mounted a serious challenge on the German goal but it went sideways. That’s the story so far. Zigzagging to somnolence.

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