Martin Hansson documentary

Hansson of the three great ghastly blunders.
First was the 95th minute penalty decision in a Champions League match between Atlético Madrid and Liverpool when Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard collapsed in the box when barely minimal contact was made; the match finished 1-1 after Gerrard converted the last-minute spot kick. After the match, Gerrard himself admitted that he would have been “livid” had a similar decision been given under reversed circumstances.
The second was during the the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Final. During this match, Hansson failed to award Brazil a goal after a header by Kaká crossed the United States goal line before being cleared.
The third and most memorable was the Thierry Henry handball fiasco that gave the French team their passport to South Africa.
And now a documentary on his life that was made before he made ghastly blunder number 3.

Rättskiparen [The Referee] from Freedom From Choice AB on Vimeo.

3 comments on “Martin Hansson documentary
  1. And what a blunder number three was, it’s not like he hadn’t help to make the right call — almost the entire friggin’ Irish team threw their hands up at the same time.

  2. Being a referee today seem really tough. This film show in a very nice way what pressure one is under. I want to recommed this film to every football fan, regardless of age, sex or origin.

  3. It is strange that 8 months after this blunder by Martin Hansson, the pain and disgust hasnt gone away. This idiot has appeared on TV and the Press saying how he loves the Irish and their beer….well you can keep your admiration. We would rather have had our place in the World Cup!! Don’t come to Ireland pleading your case, stay in Sweeden. Lets hope you put out firtes better than you adjudicate over Association football….you clampet! I doubt if ther is a pub in Ireland who will serve you in any case. There will be no Cead Mile Failte for Hansson in Ireland.

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