Red Bulls closing in on Rafa Marquez

As widely rumoured Barca center back/ holding midfielder Rafa Marquez could be announced as Red Bulls third DP as soon as early next week. The specific details are not known but it could be worth $12 million over four years.
Marquez joins Thierry Henry and Juan Pablo Angel from the top drawer Euopean leagues. As a member of the Mexican national team, he would be a huge draw in the Tri State area. Exciting times are ahead of the Red Bulls. One can envision plenty of tickets sold once he gets here. However here is some advice for NJ Transit:
Please improve your access to the Harrison Station, especially after the match gets over. Getting to the platform becomes painful for fans jamming that one single entrance. Add more service. For NYC dwellers it means a frustrating 2 hour ride back as the train trundles, stops frequently, or breaks down. Red Bulls authorities can take the lead on this – you really want the fans focus on the match.

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