Ronaldo asks Melo not to return to Brazil

O Fenomeno via Twitter:
“Felipe Melo better not come to Brazil for his holidays”
“I don’t understand the lack of communication between Melo and Julio Cesar. When he comes out Julio always shouts, but this time both men went for the ball,” added Ronaldo commenting on the own goal.
Felipe Melo’s life is going to be one living nightmare from now on. Video footage of that own goal and his red card are on a loop and everyone needs a poster boy to hang.

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2 comments on “Ronaldo asks Melo not to return to Brazil
  1. The own goal was an accident. Melo and Cesar were both committed to the ball and the very slight bump that Cesar got from Melo just before the punch shifted his fists away and he missed it. Being a keeper myself, I would place the blame, at least 50% of it, on Cesar. You come to punch, you better get the ball even if you have to plow through your teammates. Melo made contact but was unlucky it deflected into the goal. I’ve seen much worse own goals.
    His biggest mistake was the red card. That severely hampered Brazil’s effort to equalize. With ~20 minutes and 11 men, you figure Brazil would have created several good chances. I’m no Brazil fan but Ronaldo might want to STFU given his mental breakdown, or whatever it was, the day of the 1998 final. That certainly didn’t help their squad.

  2. Kev, that’s very true – two players with mental composure problems. I don’t think anyone is taking Ronaldo very seriously.

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