Selwyn Brown: Reflections on the First African World Cup


Another report by Selwyn “Bumbo” Brown, from reggae supergroup Steel Pulse. Selwyn’s back in the UK, as the band takes a short break from touring.

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We should all feel immense pride and give thanks that we all shared in the joy of witnessing the first FIFA World Cup in Africa. The explosion of colour, the vuvuzela soundtrack, the majestic stadiums and so much more. All combined to give us a month of sporting celebration. Great credit and congratulations should go out to everyone involved in the hosting of a successful tournament. South Africa has arrived on the global scene, despite the naysayers.

My ultimate dream of an African team winning the cup didn’t materialise but we still have much to celebrate and well done to all the African teams who participated.

Congratulations to Spain, new World champions, not only for winning the cup but also for trying to play good football. The Dutch team has great players but on the day they didn’t play to their traditions.


Much has been made of refereeing decisions in the tournament but ultimately the governing body needs to get real and finally introduce the technology that will help the refs to make the correct decisions. The stakes in the game are so high now that I think it’s wrong to give such a big responsibility to the refs who are only human. I believe the technology is already here, it just needs the powers that be to get their fingers out before the next major tournament.

Several of the so called “big” teams fell at the first hurdle but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. The so called “small” teams have been catching up for a while now and as I said in my 1st blog at the end of the day it’s 11 against 11 and the teams who want it more often prevail (bad decisions permitting!).

To the cynics who predicted failure I say it’s time you all woke up and start showing some respect to Africa. The future is bright, there’s much to be done but this was a great beginning.

Viva Africa, maximum respect South Africa, Hail Madiba!!

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  1. Selwyn – it’s great to see you on this site. I hope to see Steel Pulse next month at the Fillmore. Like the red-yellow-green ball. That’s the real Jabulani.

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