Spain wary of Howard Webb

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Will Spain see red because of Webb?
Not very good memories of the English referee officiating today’s finals. Spain lost to Switzerland in a shocker on some very disputed calls by Howard Webb. Here is a recap of where Spain felt Webb got it wrong:
* Gelson Fernandes was in an offside position when he got the ball on a deflection from Derdiyok who was already on his way down with Pique just behind him. The resulting goal should have been annulled.
* Phillipe Senderos escaped two penalties when he clipped David Silva’s ankle and on another occasion he pushes down David Villa after Sergio Ramos chips the ball into the box.
* Stephan Grichting should have received a red card for grabbing Iniesta as the last defender in front of goal.
So officiating decisions could make this final a very, very interesting final – especially with some of the biggest and best thespians on display today. Here is looking at you Arjen Robben and Sergio Busquets. What bets these two will be in each other’s hair or bald spots (gotta be deferential to Robben) today?

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