4 comments on “The “Maradona Experiment” is Over as Well
  1. Squad selection sunk the Albiceleste. Maradona never should’ve alienated Riquelme. Veron had a terrible cup in the middle. He never could command a pitch like Riquelme. Maybe you could argue Argentina plays a quicker game now and that Riquelme no longer fits, but you could see against Germany they had nobody to control the middle and feed Messi, who had to drop back like Riquelme normally does.
    Also I think snubbing Cambiasso, who was brilliant in 2006 and still young, was a huge mistake for the defense. And of course i’ve neves been a fan of Heinze. The whole back line really was a disaster this cycle. DeMichelis is no Raton.

  2. Hopefully Brazil will go back to samba futbol. I`d rather see them losing 4-3 to 1-0. The only team that makes EVERY FOOTBALL LOVER win is BARCELONA.

  3. Cambiasso, Zanetti, and Riquelme were missed. They also need more quality in goalkeeping too.

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