Thierry Henry interview: Fox News likes ignorance and “blow outs”

In short the interview by Rosanno Scotto and Greg Kelly showed absolutely no knowledge about their subject in question, Thierry Henry; the game in question, soccer; and the New York team in question, the Red Bulls. Video >>
Granted it was a morning show and the two interviewers were ingenues when it came to the sport but it is never a good thing when they and their ignorance become the talking points – it was brutal and breathtaking.
Surely, at the very least a cursory look up would have established that France did not win the World Cup, Thierry Henry is French, and he was not an asylum seeker escaping racism. That the MLS season was on also came as news to the interviewers. This coming from a network that runs Fox Soccer Channel and is presently broadcasting MLS matches.
And Greg Kelly, au contraire, we do not like “blow outs”. This is based on a simple business model. Fans come back for hard fought, close games – just ask the New York Mets, the Kansas City Royals, or the Detroit Lions.
But if you were following Fox News, Thierry Henry might be charged with reverse racism and black privilege.
Despite Bill O’Reilly’s blow hard revisionism, exclusive Fox News viewers show uniformly higher levels of ignorance. Just look at Iraq. In the end, it really was not all that surprising considering the source. Really, MLS- who was the wise guy who put Thierry Henry on for a Fox News interview? We got an unvarnished glimpse into a wide swath who just don’t get the game.

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One comment on “Thierry Henry interview: Fox News likes ignorance and “blow outs”
  1. A great display from Spurs and also a good diplay from Henry on his first match with the Red Bulls.

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