Video: Puerto Rico Islanders hammer LA Galaxy, 4-1

Oooof! Hold that thought about the MLS being on the rise. What an embarrassment as the Islanders hammered a slack jawed, shell shocked Galaxy into pathetic submission in their CONCACAF Champions League encounter. The supposedly watertight Galaxy defense crumbled and Josh Saunders looked like he had butter on his hands fending off those long range bombs.

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One comment on “Video: Puerto Rico Islanders hammer LA Galaxy, 4-1
  1. In this downtime, I have started tuning into to MLS and watched this last night. What a thumping! PRI (semis) and Montreal (quarters) went very far last year, or was it the year before?, in the Concacaf Champs league and I found it quite ironic that our second tier league teams outshone MLS.

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