Carlos Bilardo: Maradona could be back

Looks like Soccerblog might have made a pretty accurate prediction on July 27th.
” Maradona’s end is full of loose threads and entanglements. He will be back because it appears likely that the nation and the Argentinian government are desperate for this telenovela to go on. His image needs rehabilitation.
The other reason is that there are simply no suitable candidates to step up. Jorge Luis Borges might have been alluding to this sort of phantasm in his fictional world of “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”.

Now, it appears as if Carlos Bilardo is dangling the olive branch and swiveling his hips invitingly for El Diego to make a comeback.
” The problem is not with Maradona, it is with those around him.”
The problem is that there have been no serious candidates forthcoming for the job. Only Checho Batista has been appointed on an interim basis and he will coach his first match on the 11th when the Albiceleste take on Ireland. aptly titles this change of heart as: “We’re all mad.”

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One comment on “Carlos Bilardo: Maradona could be back
  1. i think that the whole story of maradona coaching the team, the series of embarrassing defeats for Argentina and the world cup performance show a very bad management from the AFA and a lot of politics that go around.
    i heard from one argentinian before the last WCQ game vs. Uruguay, that many people are confused, they don’t want argentina to win, so maradona can be changed, but they still want the team to win to qualify to South Africa.
    What I think happened, that is tactical dimplomacy from Carlos Bilardo.
    After Maradona was asked to step down, Maradona opened fire on Bilardo. So, Bilardo is throwing the ball again to Maradona. They will put hurdles on Maradona so he won’t come back.
    Definately, he does not want to be seen a rival to the most public figure.
    Bilardo is a very smart man, he is the one that said that Argentina never had a coach before 1986. In a way he was right. The first time Argentina played very tactical football was the 1986 generation. There is no way he can see coaching potential in Maradona.
    could it be that they want to force maradona to abandon the team around him. so, Bilardo again acts as an advisor?
    I think it is too sad if Maradona back to be a coach, we can say Adios Argentina.

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