Carlos Quieroz in all sorts of trouble

Rumours are that Carlos Quieroz who surprised everyone by surviving the axe after Portugal’s dismal World Cup is most likely to be fired.
carlos quieroz.jpgHe has already been banned for a month by insulting anti-doping officials and is further in hot water by alleging a conspiracy by FPF vice president Amandio de Carvalho to oust him. Quieroz now faces disciplinary hearings.
The outburst against the anti-doping officials occurred in May before the Portugese team departed for the World Cup. The one month ban means that he will miss Portugal’s 2012 Euro qualifiers on September 3 and 7.
Good riddance if Quieroz goes. He was on my list of five worst World Cup coaches.
1. Raymond Domenech: Maladroit. Made Inspector Clouseau look good.
2. Marcelo Lippi: The easiest group, the worst of results.
3. Fabio Capello: Overrated. Bereft of ideas. Poor communicator.
4. Carlos Quieroz: 7 goals all against N.Korea.
5. Diego Maradona: A mascot. Too much bronca.

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