Club takeover update: Liverpool and Blackburn

Coming soon to Ewood Park
Liverpool’s takeover bid is being undermined by interested parties with notional money. Those with real money are not buying. And the China government backed Kenneth Huang is losing heart over Liverpool’s footdragging.
It’s all fog and shadows so far as the board is taking time coming to an ownership decision. In the backdrop is George Gillet and Tom Hicks desire to make a profit on the club which has scuppered other bids.
Meanwhile Blackburn’s prospective Indian owner, Ahsan Ali Syed opens up about his future plans for the club. They are ambitious to say the least. However, he seems to be serious and most importantly the money appears real and transparent.
Part of it could reflect a subconscious desire to inflict reverse colonialism by capturing a quintessential symbol of the English heartland. Coming soon to Ewood Park, dosa stands and Kingfisher beer.

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