Comedy reigns in Anderlecht vs Partizan’s encounter

Nothing wrong with the first two goals which were genuine. The third goal was a spectacular one scored by Jan Lecjaks off a precise left footed shot. The problem – it was an own goal.
However before we label him as a buffoon, Lecjaks provided a lovely cross for Guillaume Gillet to head the ball for Anderlecht’s first goal. And in another example of Lecjaks influence on the game, he allowed Cleo to sneak past him for Partizan’s equalizer. So in balance, he created one goal and gave up two.
Anderlecht were down 1-2 but were bailed out two minutes later by the goalkeeping shenanigans of Radiša Ilić who left his line and the goal exposed – to go after a poor clearance following a free kick. Undortunately for him, Kanu got to it first and flicked it beautifully for Roland Juhász to direct towards an open goal. Honours all even and now it is onward to Belgium for the second leg of the Champions League playoffs.
Romelu Lukaku, Anderlecht’s giant 6’5″ striker, the Belgian league’s wunderkid at 17 years of age, was on display but did not do much. He is being pursued by Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barca, and the rest of the world.

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