Fabregas stays: The longest running summer saga ends

Cesc Fabregas recommitting to Arsenal is worth the business of five transfers. And Wenger deservedly can sit back with a glass of nice wine and pat himself on the back for a nice bit of doggedness.
Barca will most definitely be back next season but they will have to do considerably better than the £29m they offered – this time without the insulting spectacle of “tapping up” publicly and the constant charade of Barca’s players going on the soap box to demand his return on grounds of chauvinism. They have to lay aside the arrogance and negotiate in good faith.
For now, Cesc is a Gunner. So welcome back, captain! We skipped a few heartbeats in the process but we are ready to do battle this season. Now to get the few other missing links to the squad – a quality central defender and a water tight goalkeeper to give Cesc a shot at what silverware looks like.

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3 comments on “Fabregas stays: The longest running summer saga ends
  1. Th E., glad he can oblige for another year but Arsenal better start winning some substantial silverware. Otherwise he is surely gone next summer.

  2. Good on you Arsenal. I believe the Prem clubs need to stand their ground against the 2 spanish teams who are trying to snap up everyone. Hope he stays, hope torres stays. as united fan, but also a fan of the prem, i want the best players to be here en the premiership.
    Can’t wait for the season the begin.

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