Sebastien Squillaci is finally a Gunner

Evidence that Squillaci comes from the Uri Geller school
Squillaci signs a three year contract with Arsenal which is unusual for a player over 30 years. He won’t be immediately available for the Rovers game this weekend but is eligible to play for the Champions League.
“He is a real defender and is good in the one against one, good in the air, and can score goals on set-pieces as well,” Wenger added. “I believe he will be suited to the English game.”
Looks like a good fit. But the goalkeeper situation is not looking promising. Wenger seems to be satisfied with what he has at the present moment:
“We are where we are – we have four great ‘keepers and it is important we give confidence to them for the next game. I do not rule it out, but at the moment I say I am not in a position to sign anybody. At the moment, it is all dead.”
I hope he is proved right for our sake and his because on the evidence so far we have not seen anything to inspire such confidence. And its not just the chattering masses- there are some heavyweights who have spoken about addressing this problem.

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