Second time around: Schwarzer bid rejected

Arsenal does not improve on its earlier bid. Predictably, Fulham feels insulted and turns them down.
Schwarzer may not be going anywhere as Mark Hughes is quite adamant that he still has two more years on his contract to fulfill. If he goes, it will be for much more money which Arsenal might not want to pay for someone they think is just there to plug a gap.
The more promising news is that Maarten Stekelenburg might be back on the table. However the Ajax goalkeeper is not going to come cheap and so far Arsenal have been just that. Sevilla just rejected the bid for Sebastien Squillaci having said the “offer was insufficient”.
Here we are towards the end of the transfer period – every club now knows that we are interested in bolstering our defense and acquiring an experienced goalkeeper. Our options are getting narrower and with fewer sales this season, every club wants to cash in on the ones that happen.

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