Shellshocked Spurs fight back against Young Boys, 2-3

Young Boys raced to a 3-0 lead in the first half with goals from Senad Lulic (video), Henri Bienvenu (video), and Xavier Hochstrasser (video shown above) as they laid waste a woeful Spurs defense. The Premiership club’s CL debut was turning out to be an embarrassment.
The central defense led by Dawson and Bassong were caught out against the faster and more perceptive Swiss.

The Premiership team rallied through Sebastien Bassong (video) and Roman Pavlyuchenko’s stunning strike (video shown above) to narrow a gap in goal difference to one. Setting up what should be a fascinating encounter at White Hart in the second leg.

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2 comments on “Shellshocked Spurs fight back against Young Boys, 2-3
  1. yeah that was humiliating. looks like the league opener was ledley’s last premiership match so long as spurs remain in CL. what a difference in the back line with the bassong-dawson partnership. abysmal.
    not to sound like a bitch, but spurs did not know what to do with that artificial surface. routine back passes became near picks for goal.
    the really frustrating thing is that i suspect if we got a bigger club like sampdoria we’d have gutted out a 1-1 draw somehow.

  2. d, Spurs are in pretty good position- all they need is to win 1-0 and they’re in. Back home at White Hart on a natural surface, they won’t make the same defensive mistakes.

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