Video: Capello tells Beckham its over on TV

I have never been a big fan of David Beckham but its even harder to be behind Fabio Capello.
This was no way to “end” the international career – on TV of someone so central to the sport not just in his country but the world over. It is shocking in its disrespect of the former England captain. Say what you will, Beckham has always tried representing his country to the best of his abilities even though his international legacy is decidedly mixed.
A phone call to tell him that he would no longer be part of the future would have been more in order. Capello comes from a country that venerates its past footballers- there is a tradition of respect. Surely, he should have realized this would set off a firestorm.
Capello’s rejection has already set off a reaction amongst players with Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, and Theo Walcott who have come out in support of Beckham. It’s a bit strange but apparently Capello’s moves have engendered oppositional defiant disorder – Paul Robinson and Wes Brown announced their international retirements after being picked for the squad. And Beckham is not hanging up his boots either.
Which does not bode well for the LA Galaxy – it could be a series of loan moves or an outright switch to the Premiership. West Ham beckons. Beckham primary focus seems built around continuing his international career.
And who is on board when I say that the FA made a huge mistake by prolonging Capello’s England tenure? This is not the last of his insensitive gaffes. He is a bit like Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good as It Gets.

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2 comments on “Video: Capello tells Beckham its over on TV
  1. No loyalty to their own. The leadership, honed skills and morale Becks would be capable of bringing to an English club might elicit a far bigger payoff for them. Shallow, short term thinking, infused with a spot of bottom line ageism. Their loss.

  2. I don’t know whether he did it intentionally or not, but I agree that it’s not a good move for him to speak publicly about last game of Beckham. He must think thoroughly before he speak.

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