Video: Rafa Marquez joins New York Red Bulls

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New DP, Rafa Marquez looking very GQ speaks to fans about joining the Red Bulls. He is already a legend back home in Mexico and his signing means that the New York club will be a much followed team across the border as well as amongst the Mexican immigrant community here. He joins Barca team mate Thierry Henry and will be deployed in his burgeoning role of holding midfielder.
Marquez is renowned for his set piece prowess using his 6′ frame to score some very important goals like the one against South Africa in the recently concluded World Cup. He also has an eye for the quick pass and the carefully placed long ball which should serve Juan Pablo Angel and Thierry Henry very well.
So, welcome Rafa aka El Kaiser de Michoacán to New York. There can be only one Hugo Sanchez but Rafa is up there too. Hopefully he becomes El Kaiser de Nuevo. York.
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One comment on “Video: Rafa Marquez joins New York Red Bulls
  1. Not a Mexico fan, not a NYRB fan, but I like it and don’t get the hate that is about to come…besides the fact that they went from being not too good to a legit contender.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team’s identity change this much mid-season.

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